Thursday, 28 January 2016

Unboxing [US]: Tales of Graces f - Standard Edition (PS3)

Tales is a series I've been meaning to pickup for quite sometime now. I've owned Tales of Symphonia Chronicles since it got released but I only just recently finished Symphonia. Now with the prices going up I finally had the opportunity to go ahead and pick up another Tales game.

While the UK version received a special edition release, I'll be calling this US copy a standard edition regardless.
Tales of Graces f is the 12th instalment in the Tales franchise and a port of the 2009 Japanese only Wii release. The PlayStation 3 version provides the same content that the original release included in addition to a new mode and an after-story. Like the Tales games released before this instalment, the English release only has the English dub.

Graces is a role-playing game with elements of a standard action role-playing game. When you bump into an enemy you enter a mode where you (and your party members) can move around and attack the enemy freely. Other role-playing games are either real-time (like Kingdom Hearts) or turn-based (like Persona), so the Tales franchise as its unique style of gameplay.

This is the North American version of the game. Both the UK & NA versions work exactly the same (aside from downloadable content).

Format: PlayStation 3
Version: USA
Exclusive: Yes
Local Players: 1-4
Online Players: None
Resolution: NTSC 480p, 720p [This is based on the video output, resolution in-game may be different]
HDD Space: 4300MB
Trophies: Yes

Tales of Graces f is available to own on PlayStation 3 for retail and digital. In Europe it's also available in a collection along with Tales of Symphonia Chronicles (Tales of Symphonia HD & Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World HD) for the price of one game. Copies of Graces f are fairly low so go out and find one if you haven't done so already, the UK version is going up in price but the US price version is relatively fine for now.

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