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Blog News: Just a random update

Hey everyone, I figured an update post was in order for my blog. This is something that I haven't honestly done for a while now so here it is.

First things first, thanks to everyone who's been following my blog and those who wanted to check out the photos for any of the sets that I had picked up over the years. I'm doing my best to get more titles as time goes by.

Now then there are a couple things I want to point out with regards to what's going to happen, don't worry I'm not going anywhere.

Updates on my packages [UPDATE!]

Wanted to start off with this notice as these past few days have been a clear nightmare for me and I'm still going through the mess. Long story short, my card got compromised and as a result I received a whole bunch of false transactions. I don't know how this had happened but I did receive a false text about it which put me off because it was a replica of what my bank would display. I didn't phone that person so I dodged the worse part but that may have accidently caused a chain of events. Both came around the same time so they may have been connected. Anywho I took action today and cancelled my card so it will be a while until I can receive some new sets, just be patient on that.

This also affects my order on Nekomonogatari White, the set would technically have been dispatched today but I managed to get in contact with United Publications to explain the situation. They understood my problem and were able to hold on to my package until I can get the go-ahead to send it off. However these past few days have been making me worry a lot about how I'll handle my online purchases. I may have to avoid sites that don't use the likes of PayPal to be more secure then again this could just be an unlucky event that rarely occurs.

Anywho my order on Nekomonogatari White won't be here until next week so I apologise for the delay on that. Funimation's UK streaming site is still a bit broken but the payment for that was also pending so it'll go through with the other false payments regardless (the bank told me they can't stop Pending transactions).

The incoming Mai Mai Miracle package is already paid so no worries on that one. Anime Limited did say the authoring was done but still needed some final approvals before the backers can receive it. I think we'll see a Summer release.

I just received word from my bank and they've given me back the funds I lost. It turns out that the text message I received was in fact part of the blame from all this madness. The bank is looking into the cause which is nice of them. My Nekomonogatari White order will be set in place later next week.

The 3rd Year Uni Pickups

From September onwards I'll be back in University to sort out my third year on the course, and it will also be my final one. I did receive a notice from my finance about the funds that will help cover me for the academic year. The result is pretty much the same as last time but I won't have anything for the Spring season which is problematic in a sense. I may receive more funds but for now I don't think it will much of a problem. I have some changes in mind for my collection.

For starters, I will be doing my best to pickup more Aniplex sets. I am very behind on this and I should really catch up before they keep bringing more and more shows out on Blu-ray. My first priority is the Monogatari franchise and as you know I have Neko White ordered so that's 1 of 5 from the second season. The Aniplex sets will be ordered through Rightstuf to save costs and as long as I order at least one at a time I should be able to get them through without much issue. There are some titles that I'll be getting other versions for; most notably Blue Exorcist and the Madoka Magica films. Blue Exorcist is tested to be near perfect for the UK & AU sets so I'll be getting those and the same is said for Madoka Magica films (plus I have the Japanese LEs for these films which helps).

I also plan on securing a bunch of Funimation titles that Aniplex were involved with, this includes the Black Butler franchise, the Sekirei franchise and a few misc. titles like Birdy the Mighty: Decode. I already have more than half of the titles that were in danger so that helped (Darker Than Black, Fullmetal Alchemist, Guilty Crown, Shiki). Speaking of Funimation I am also reducing the amount of Limited Editions that I pickup from them and the reason being is that I don't feel like picking them up as much as I usually do. The price increase doesn't help either for some artcards or any extra, though I can understand why Brother's Conflict is pricer as it has more episodes. To be fair the Black Butler: Book of Circus, Psycho Pass 2 and Rage of Bahamut: Genesis were neat looking sets. Outside of these titles I do plan on acquiring Danganronpa, Tokyo Ghoul and Wanna Be the Strongest in the World LEs.

Anime Limited have been stepping up their game and I'll try and acquire their new sets including the films and hopefully the Ultimate Editions for Terror in Resonance and The Vision of Escaflowne. I also have my eye on the Universal sets for The Heroic Legend of Arslan and Seraph of the End which impress me a lot for the price tag they're asking for.

Video game wise there are some Vita games I wish to pickup and I do have a ton of PS3 & PS4 games to acquire before its too late.

Grav's Birthday

In case you didn't know it's my birthday in a few weeks time and that means presents! Of course the presents this time around will be one big thing and that's pretty much it - a PlayStation 4. Yep I am finally getting my hands on a PS4 and it's just about the right time to do so. Now I am fully aware that there is an upgraded version scheduled for late 2016 dubbed the Neo or 4K edition but personally I don't want that at all mainly because it needs a 4KTV for the best viewing experience and 60FPS is actually something I don't mind missing out on, sure it's supposed to be the standard for current games but I can live without it for this gaming generation. If they added backwards compatibility then I would reconsider.

Anywho I plan to get the console on my birthday but the deals may vary.

Anything else? [UPDATE!]

And that's pretty much it. I have a bunch of anime and games to get through from my backlog and there's also the new simulcasts I've been watching. During the month you'll see a recap post of the Spring UK streaming titles at some point as well as the unboxing for Neko White that I mentioned earlier on.

UPDATE! aka What the heck happened to the blog?
You may have noticed that the blog went down on June 9th and 10th. This was because the forum I regularly hang out was attacked and went down. I figured since my blog was referenced on that forum it may be a potential target so I set it to private to ensure its safety. It's now back up after the all-clear and with a slightly different URL than the usual. Some links I made in the previous posts will need some updating so please be patient. The links on the main sections have been fixed.

Again thanks for checking out my posts, and stay tuned for whatever I post on this blog.

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