Thursday, 1 September 2016

Otaku Collection 2016: August Update | Bargains Everywhere!

Note: I didn't get any items during the month of July, henceforth no updates on that.

So after getting my accommodation payment sorted I finally got back into picking up more items. However the post-brexit currency rate was still weak for importing so I focused mainly on items from the UK. And interestingly enough, all of the items I bought were pretty good deals.

So here's the items I picked up during August 2016.

The items that I have picked up have been a mix between physical and digital, which is rather unusual for me.

#1 | Nisekoi: False Love Volumes 1 & 2
The first pickup of the month was actually the second order of the month. I was talking with my friends on the AUKN forum when suddenly one of them brought up the Nisekoi sets. I was curious to see what was up and it turned out someone was selling the first two Aniplex volumes of the show, and since I've been way behind on collecting them I decided to contact him and buy them off him. Both turned up in very good condition. I have already seen the show but it's nice to finally own them after watching them during simulcast.

#2 | Samurai Flamenco Part 1
The second pickup and technically the first since I ordered it first, is Anime Limited's release of Samurai Flamenco. The show has been under some trouble for the distributor due to the series not selling well but thankfully Part 2 is indeed getting released in the end so I got the first half ordered as soon as I heard the news. I used Zavvi and it arrived after a few days. Like Nisekoi, I have already seen the show after watching it during its simulcast and it's a weird show. It's certainly not for everyone but I liked it enough to own it on Blu-ray.

#3 | Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls
The next pickup is also an early order of the month which took a while to arrive. The purpose of this pickup was to have a Vita game for the holiday weekend I went to. I've been meaning to get this spin-off for quite a while and after playing and finishing it, I feel it's a solid game but the weakest in the franchise due to its gameplay and storyline. It's worth picking up if you find it cheap though.

#4 | Digital: Game of Thrones and The Wolf Among Us
Around this point of time a few things happened. The currency rate got much worse due to the interest rate getting slashed to 0.25% and Anime Limited announced some delays with Zeta Gundam being one of them. It was at this point where I decided to just go ahead and get something from the PlayStation flash sale. I picked Game of Thrones and The Wolf Among Us, both are from Telltale Games and for £9.99 each. I finished Game of Thrones and it's a good but flawed story. It had some potential but I felt it was forcing the player to make enemies with the main GoT characters while also making the outcome feel forced and the ending was not satisfying for most of the cast. The Wolf Among Us I'm saving for when I get back to Uni.

#5 | Digital: Corpse Party and Corpse Party: Book of Shadows
About a week later the PlayStation sale was coming to a close and I decided to go ahead and pickup the Corpse Party games since they were only £2.99 each. I'll be giving these games a go before I eventually pickup Corpse Party: Blood Drive.

#6 | Dragon Quest Heroes, Senran Kagura Estival Versus and Seraph of the End -Vampire Reign- Part 1
So the online retailers decided to bump up the prices for this particular set and I figured I may as well get it in HMV when I can since they were charging £39.99 for the set which was the cheapest around. And honestly considering this is Universal's first anime title for the UK, it's an awesome first start for the fans and I love what they have done for it. I do plan on getting all of the Universal UK sets (Arslan, Berserk 2016, Drifters, Starmyu etc.). I have also seen the series, though only the first cour of the show. I enjoyed it especially with the last few episodes.

Around the same time I bought Seraph of the End I decided I should pick up the games which retailer GAME was currently offering for sale. They've had these two in the deal for a while now and I figured getting them now would be a better choice to make, especially as I wanted to get Senran Kagura on PS4 after the last attempt went wrong. Dragon Quest Heroes was £12.99 and Senran Kagura Estival Versus was £14.99. I haven't started both games just yet.

#7 | Rock Band 4 + Guitar
And the last but certainly not the least is Rock Band 4. Now this is an oddity. I was originally planning on picking up the Rock Band Rivals Guitar Bundle but unfortunately a few things happened; the European side for PS4 owners have been screwed over by Sony Europe and chances are that the expansion won't get a release here for a while. In addition the prices for the new instrument is way overpriced and heck it may not even have the game which was what I was hoping it would have.

And then suddenly Argos was selling the original bundles for £24.99 and £49.99 respectively. The £24.99 bundle (Game + Guitar) is what I selected since I don't have room for the drums. Considering the price, I basically saved myself tons of money and I've been playing it non-stop. It's a good game and was worth waiting since I got all of the free updates that included new features.


And that's it for the month of August. A lot of items were picked up and heck all of them were discounted prices which was an interesting theme altogether. I have 2 items ordered and dispatched; Terror in Resonance Ultimate Edition and the Rock Band 3 PS3 base game (for exporting the songs onto Rock Band 4).

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