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Unboxing [US]: High School DxD BorN - Complete Series: Limited Edition (BD/DVD)

Issei and his journey to become the Harem King continues with the third season!

This title was among my first of two import pickups for Uni so apologies for the delay.

High School DxD BorN is the third season in the High School DxD anime series (based on the light novel of the same name). The same studio returns to adapt this season which aired back in Spring 2015.

BorN's English release is quite notable compared to the two previous seasons. Two of the English voice actors, Scott Freeman and Teri Rogers, were replaced due to various reasons (the former had possessed some illegal material while the latter simply retired) for the respective roles of Issei and Akeno. They were replaced by Josh Grelle and Kelly Angel respectively. The other notable reason applies to the limited edition release, the set is actually $84.98 instead of $69.98, the content is practically the same as a normal LE so the price bump is very questionable.

This release from Funimation is the Limited Edition version which is essentially the complete series (all 12 episodes plus the 6 mini episodes) on Blu-ray and DVD across two slim Blu-ray cases inside a chipboard artbox. The artbox matches the two previous seasons so it's pretty consistent on the shelf. The discs are region free, i.e. A B and 1 2 4, however the subtitles are locked this time around.

Blu-ray Specs:
Languages: Japanese, English
Audio: Dolby TrueHD 2.0 [Japanese], Dolby TrueHD 5.1 [English]
Video: 1080p HD Native 16:9
Region: A B
Subtitles: English
Subtitles Locked: Yes
Discs: 2

DVD Specs:
Languages: Japanese, English
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 [Japanese], Dolby Digital 5.1 [English]
Video: SD NTSC 16:9
Region: 1 2 4
Subtitles: English
Subtitles Locked: No
Discs: 2

Plot Synopsis (via Funimation):
Issei and his harem of hotties are back to take on their biggest, boldest, bounciest adventure yet as they fight to prevent Ragnarok aka the end of the underworld!

With summer vacation just around the corner, Issei's got one thing on his mind spending sunny days with bikini-clad babes. Unfortunately, the Chaos Brigade is planning something big, and with heavy-hitters like the Norse God Loki in their corner, the House of Gremory is going to have to survive Rias' underworld boot camp if they hope to stand a chance. While they prepare, dark forces gather strength behind the scenes, Koneko's family reunion turns into a real catfight, and Asia must survive an indecent proposal from a high-ranking demon. With plenty of balls-to-the-wall battles and bare-it-all beauties, fans of High School DxD should start making room on the shelf their perfect pair is about to become a Menage a trois.

On-Disc Extra Content:
6 Mini-episode OVAs
Promotional Video 1
Promotional Video 2
Blu-ray/DVD Promos
Textless Songs
U.S. Trailer

Limited Edition Extras:
Chipboard rigid box packaging

Here's the photos of the artbox:

Here's the photos of the inside contents:

High School DxD BorN is available as a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack from Funimation.

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