Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Unboxing [US]: Eureka Seven - Part 2 (Blu-ray)

I have finally acquired the remaining Part 2 sets that I needed to own to complete the shows I got years ago. Here is the second half of the classic Eureka Seven series on Blu-ray.

Eureka Seven is a 2005 series from studio Bones and is currently one of the most popular shows in the anime community. The series went out of print at one point due to Bandai & Beez's demise but it was eventually rescued by Funimation (and here in the UK Anime Limited acquired the rights). Funimation put out the show on separate formats rather than a combo pack due to the 50 episode length.

This Part 2 release covers episodes 27-50 of the series in English & Japanese audio with English subtitles. The set is a standard product for Funimation where it's just a case and a slipcover. The case itself is smaller than Part 1 because it contains less discs (the previous part had a DVD for special interviews that were not in HD). The region is A only and the subtitles are unlockable.

Blu-ray Specs:
Languages: Japanese, English
Audio: Dolby TrueHD 2.0 [Japanese, English]
Video: 1080i SD Remaster Upscale 4:3
Region: A
Subtitles: English
Subtitles Locked: No
Discs: 3

Plot Synopsis (via Funimation):
Renton's adventure continues as the burgeoning hero struggles to balance the rush of young love against an onslaught of riveting revelations. Eureka's shocking origins come to light, the truth about Norb surfaces, and secrets emerge that force everyone to question their allegiances. As Eureka and Renton finally reach Earth, a mysterious facility hiding tragic experimentation is discovered. The fate of the world is at stake as Eureka beings her harrowing transformation. Only Renton has the power to save her, but at what cost?

On-Disc Extra Content:
Episode Commentaries
Voice Actor Interviews
Textless Opening Songs
Textless Closing Songs

Eureka Seven is available on Blu-ray and DVD from Funimation.

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