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Otaku Collection 2016: September Update | The Return to Uni (upupupupupupu)

I'm now back at University and that means I can spend a lot more than the past year, however the currency rate isn't strong so I'm switching things around for the rest of the year.

So here's the items I picked up during September 2016 (note that the items prior to Uni aren't in that above image).

The following items were picked up at home before moving back to Uni.

#1 | Rock Band 3
Arriving on the first day of the month is Rock Band 3 for the PlayStation 3. I bought this game used from eBay mainly because I wanted to export the songs for Rock Band 4. The condition was pretty good to my surprise. 

#2 | Terror in Resonance
The first anime of the month took some time to dispatch due to Music Magpie but I finally own the Terror in Resonance Ultimate Edition. The set was about £53 which was the cheapest deal outside the Anime Limited Early Bird deal (£50). I know a lot of people were skeptical with Music Magpie but my copy came without any damage whatsoever, so I may end up using this site for the future but only on sales.

And the following items were picked up during my time at Uni.

#3 | Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroine's Infinite Duel
One of the latest 2D Japanese fighting games for the PlayStation 4, this game was literally only £9.99 in GAME. I figured why not. It's an okay title and the graphics are pretty cool but it's not the best in the genre.

#4 | Danganronpa the Animation and High School DxD BorN
The first anime imports for my time at Uni. These two were picked up via Amazon Canada because the price was not that bad but of course I had to pay customs (as AmazonGlobal isn't available in Canada). UPS didn't provide a good timeframe so I missed one delivery (even though I was at the flat) and waited for 4 hours straight the next day for the parcel to arrive. While it took a while, the packaging was pretty spot on with barely any damage whatsoever. I haven't started both shows yet due to being busy.

#5 | Bioshock: The Collection and DOOM (2016)
Non-Japanese pickups! Yep I'm going to include Western games since I will be getting more of these for my PS4 collection. DOOM is one of my favourite games so I'm glad that I managed to acquire the newest instalment for £24.99 at GAME (it's also the UAC version). In addition I also went ahead and ordered the Bioshock remastered games which were £34.99 but I decided to use up my GAME Points so that's £8 saved (in total I paid about £52 for both games). I played a bit of Bioshock and it holds up well.

#6 | BLAME! Master Edition Volume 1 Manga
The last pickup of the month is a manga for once! I am very excited to watch the upcoming BLAME! movie and Vertical just released a remastered version of the manga in a bigger size and new translation with the first volume. I picked it up and have yet to start it but it's got a cool art style (the manga started back in 1996, 20 years ago!). The author also made Knights of Sidonia.

Bonus | 6 Movies on Blu-ray
As a random addition to the pickups post I also bought 5 films from the £30 deal and another one for £4.99 at HMV. The films in the deal were Blade Runner: The Final Cut, The Interview, Nightcrawler, Prisoners and Sicario; while the £4.99 title was Ex Machina.


That's it for this month's pickups but have no fear there is more incoming.

Haruhi Suzumiya has arrived at home without custom payment so that's good! Expect an unboxing for that series when I return home this December.

I have placed two early-bird orders from Anime Limited's shop; Eden of the East and Your Lie in April Part 1. So expect these two to be due sometime in November.

I also plan on going to MCM Comic Con. London is still up for debates due to my Uni work getting in the way but Birmingham I should be able to attend thanks to my society.

Stay tuned for the future pickups!

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