Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Unboxing [JP]: IA/VT -COLORFUL- - Standard Edition (Vita)

A new import has arrived once again! I ordered the game from Solaris Japan and it arrived alongside Miracle Girls Festival.

IA/VT -COLORFUL- is a rhythm game created by Marvelous focusing on the music from IA Vocaloid Project. This game has been delayed a few times but it finally got released. In terms of navigation Marvelous have added English support for the menus due to licensing restrictions so it is an import friendly game in the end. Kenichiro Takaki, most known for creating the Senran Kagura franchise, was also the lead developer for this rhythm game.

The gameplay itself is rather different to the likes of Project Diva. In Project Diva the buttons are all over the place and you time your actions right. In IA/VT, the buttons appear in a row and you simply have to time them right like any other. It's pretty simple in general. During each song there will be segments where you can fill a circle to 100% and earn some bonuses, this changes the gameplay by making the area more colorful and also get more bonuses to the score. The ranking is from SSS, SS, S, A and etc in contrast to Project Diva's Perfect, Excellent, Great etc. You will have to unlock more songs and play each song once to unlock the Hard difficulty mode. The setlist includes over 30 songs and there's also downloadable content support.

Format: PlayStation Vita
Version: Japan
Exclusive: Yes
Local Players: 1
Online Players: 0
PlayStation TV: Yes
HDD Space: ????
Trophies: Yes

IA/VT -COLORFUL- was released in July 2015 exclusively for the PlayStation Vita. I got my copy brand new from Solaris Japan for around £38 so feel free to check out that site or others like Play Asia to pick one up. The game is compatible with PlayStation Vita TV.

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