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Overview [JP]: Miracle Girls Festival (Vita)

A new import has arrived once again! This time however I decided to buy the game used, due to the price of the brand new copy being around the £40s (which I felt didn't match the value of the game). I ordered the game from Solaris Japan and it arrived in very good condition.

Miracle Girls Festival (ミラクルガールズフェスティバル) is a music rhythm video game created by SEGA and the gameplay itself is basically using the exact same engine as Hatsune Miku Project Diva (both made by SEGA). Miracle Girls Festival actually has a rather interesting premise, because it's basically a bunch of songs from various anime shows, in fact the characters themselves are singing them on stage.

Here's the list of anime shows included (each have 2 songs):
 - Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova - "Blue Field" (ED) & "Innocent Blue"
 - Engaged to the Unidentified - "Masshiro World" (ED) & "Tomadoi Recipe" (OP)
 - Go! Go! 575 - "Kotoba Colorful" (OP) & "Kotoba Sagashitai" (ED)
 - Is the Order a Rabbit? - "Daydream Cafe" (S1 OP) & "Happin Jump" (S1 ED)
 - Kinmoza! - "Jumping!!" (S1 OP) & "Your Voice" (S1 ED)
 - No-Rin - "Cordless Teru Phone" (BGM) & "Mo-Gi-Ta-Te Fruit Girls" (ED)
 - Nyaruko: Crawling With Love - "Koi ha Konton no Reichi" (S1 OP) & "Taiyou Iwaku Moeyo Chaos" (S2 OP)
 - Tesagure! Bukatsumono - "Stand Up!!!!" (OP) & "Tesaguri Bubuka" (BGM)
 - Vividred Operation - "Arifureta Shiawase" & "Vivid Shining Sky" (ED)
 - Wake Up, Girls! - "Tachiagare!" (Film & TV OP) & "7 Girls War" (TV OP)
 - Yuru Yuri - "Yes! Yuyuyu YuruYuri Onpu" (S1 OP) & "YuriYura Rarara YuruYuri Daijiken" (S2 OP)

Much like Project Diva, you will need to unlock the songs and higher difficulties along the way but this game is pretty short. In terms of navigation there are some English words attached to the main menu but you will need to guess your way through. It is an import friendly game in the end.

Format: PlayStation Vita
Version: Japan
Exclusive: Yes
Local Players: 1
Online Players: 0
PlayStation TV: Yes
HDD Space: 2048KB
Trophies: Yes

UPDATE! I have managed to 100% the trophy list for this game, and by request I have provided some screenshots of the game's main menu. As mentioned above the navigation is pretty simple and while certain parts don't offer English text they are really easy to understand.

The main menu screen. Tour Mode is the game's story mode where characters from Go! Go! 575 will appear on-screen and talk about setting up the concerts. Each 'Day' consists of a few songs followed by an encore that will pick one of the songs at random. The songs are played in TV size form (aka 1 minute 30 seconds) while the encore is the Full version (aka 3-4 minute depending on the song's own length). Trophies will pop up after each Day is done and any progress done on here will affect your overall Playtime and Song Progress (which helps for the 'Complete All Songs on All Difficulties' trophy). One-Man Live is basically Quickplay but you will need to go through Tour Mode to unlock the first batch of songs and buy (using in-game coins) the other remainder in the Back Stage's Miracle Coin section.

One-Man Live's songs will offer Easy, Medium, Hard, Extreme, Expand-Hard, Expand-Extreme, Ura-Hard and Ura-Extreme difficulties for the TV size versions while the Full versions only have Hard and Extreme. This makes completion much easier and faster to sort out. Bare in mind that for the 'Complete All Songs on All Difficulties' trophy, it doesn't include Ura-Hard and Ura-Extreme but does include both TV size and Full versions for each and every song in the setlist.

Back Stage contains all of the goodies such as buying songs, clothes and using the Miracle Lottery to receive figurines for your Collection. The Special Messages are from individual characters who thank you after finishing an encore during the Tour Mode. There is also downloadable content but because I'm using a non-Japanese account I can't use it.

One-Man Live also includes a Bingo Challenge that you will need to use in order to unlock the Full versions of each song as well as the harder difficulties. These consist of earning a Miracle (Cool/Fine result for each button pressed) on Medium, earning an Excellent on Hard, playing a song in three different arenas, and many others but the hardest one is honestly getting a Miracle on Medium because certain songs have a weird pattern (I'm looking at you Your Voice).

Once you select a song you'll end up in this menu. I'll cover each one from the top down to the bottom. The small (-) is where you can use a special item to help make your progress easier (it's basically a way to cheat) but you will have to pay coins every time you want to use an item. The next row is where you can select your difficulty. The third row allows you to change the arena type, once you finish a song in that specific arena it will display a Clear! on the image when you're selecting them, which helps when you're trying to finish that bingo challenge. The fourth row allows you to change the costumes for one of the characters chosen, but costumes have to be bought in the Miracle Coin section. The bottom left option changes the game's skin, while the option next to it changes the button icon displays (Project Diva also does this).

Miracle Girls Festival was released in December 2015 exclusively for the PlayStation Vita and it looks like stock is rather low so don't be surprised if the prices are rather high. I got my copy pre-owned from Solaris Japan for £30 so feel free to check out that site or others like Play Asia to find a copy. The game is compatible with PlayStation Vita TV.

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