Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Unboxing [UK]: Root Letter - Limited Edition (PS4 + Visual Novel)

I hopped into GAME and discovered this recent visual novel being sold for a pretty sweet deal. This is also my first item of 2017.

Root Letter (also advertised as √Letter) is an adventure mystery visual novel created and developed by Kadokawa Games and was released in Japan on 16th June 2016 (and then later in the west from publisher PQube on 28th October 2016, weeks later for North America). Root Letter gathered some form of interest thanks to Kadokawa promoting this title quite a fair bit upon its release. The game even got a pretty close worldwide release which is unusual for visual novels, or Japanese games for the most part. Root Letter is a mystery adventure and that's pretty much all I know about it.

This release was handled by UK publisher PQube who also distributed the Steins;Gate games for PlayStation devices. Like Steins;Gate 0, Root Letter was also brought over for both PlayStation 4 and Vita. Interestingly enough the visual novel is only available on PlayStation at the time of this post and has not yet been released on PC (which is the main market for visual novels, especially the eroge titles). Root Letter is also an all-ages game but does feature some themes that keeps the age rating to around the teen level (12 for Europe and oddly enough an M for Mature in the states). The set that I have is the GAME exclusive limited edition which basically comes with an artbook. The artbook does contain spoilers so I've only taken a few photos of that book below.

In terms of trophies, I've been told it's pretty easy to earn all of them and grab the Platinum. In addition the length is also pretty short which may interest folks who don't have tons of time in their hands.

Visual Novel Specs:
Format: PlayStation 4 (also available on PlayStation Vita)
Language: English text, Japanese voices
Exclusive: Yes
DRM: Region Free on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita
Eroge Content: No

PlayStation 4 Specs:
Version: UK/Europe
Local Players: 1
Online Players: None
Video Output: 720p, 1080i, 1080p
HDD Space: 3.90GB Minimum
Vita Remote Play: Yes
Trophies: Yes

Like Steins;Gate 0, this packaging also suffers from being too tough to get the contents out of the cardboard box.

The limited edition version for PlayStation 4 and Pen Pal version for PlayStation Vita are also available on Amazon UK after initially made exclusive to GAME retailers. The standard edition version for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita are available on Amazon UK.

Root Letter is available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita by PQube. The pricing is around SRP £44.99 and £34.99 respectively.

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